Xylobands were specifically invented as concert LED wristbands to connect live acts with their fans and make the audience part of an unforgettable and visually stunning show. Xylobands can integrate with any production style with a full colour RGB spectrum and multi flash patterns. Xylobands can flash in time with the music as well as create other effects which reflect the “mood” of the event. Used at concerts, festivals arenas or even small intimate gigs, Xylobands creates a united experience and electric atmosphere. Night clubs are also a fantastic environment for Xylobands and can even be easily controlled by a DJ with our new hand held controller on its own or in conjunction with our laptop and technician. As soon as the wristbands start flashing, all hands will be in the air – Xylobands are a perfect moment maker. Xylobands have been used as concert LED wristbands at events with the following artists:

Xylobands™ LED wristbands are a spectacular addition to festivals of all sizes and across all types of locations. Our powerful transmitter means YOU control the radio signals that reach far across the vast open spaces of festivals.

Xylobands create an enchanting and playful atmosphere across festival sites and can be operated in real time according to the festival line up. For example, whilst a main act is on the Xylobands can flash in time with the music and generate an electric and charged atmosphere. During more acoustic or quieter times, the Xylobands can be switched to a slower setting which creates an organic and far reaching “twinkle” effect across the festival site. Groups can also be identified within different areas or zones to control or direct crowds of people. All Xyloband festival LED wristbands can be branded with any logo or brand sponsor to reinforce brand awareness. Xylobands come in a variety of strap colours and as well as full colour spectrum LED’s so can integrate into any production design or style. Xyloband™ technology also comes as a lanyard which can be used for the artist line-up or other festival info in an attached pouch of mini pamphlet.

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