Xylobands were invented specifically to connect live acts with the audience, creating unforgettable and visually stunning show. Our wristbands can be integrated with any production style – offering a full RGB spectrum of colours, patterns and effects – flashing in time with the music and reflect the mood of the event. Everyone wearing a wristband becomes an essential part of the show and they are a perfect way to ensure branded photos and social media shares.


Xylobands™: the original radio controlled LED wristband designed to create a stunning light show at live events, truly making the audience part of the show. The wristbands work by creating multiple flash patterns with RGB LEDs, which can change to any colour and can be programmed to create a vast array of stunning visual effects and images to compliment any live event. We offer a rebate on all wristbands that are returned to be recycled after your event.


Xylobands™ are a unique event and experiential marketing product that creates a stunning light show at a range of events from live acts at arenas to product launches, sports matches, corporate events, parties and weddings from 200-150,000+ people. Ours were the first radio controlled LED wristband on the market and showcased by Coldplay during their world tour during 2012/13, lighting up the crowd in a way never seen before. They can be RFID enabled to enhance your corporate event, integrate social media and harness invaluable data.


We can print your company logo or brand message onto the wristband strap as well as the battery casing. For larger orders we can also produce bespoke cases with embossed logos. Generic bands are also available with no branding for smaller and cost effective events. And there are a number of other ways we can add value at events. For example, we can add a label to the back of the case, which can be used for a unique download code and competitions or even single out wristbands for raffle winners at corporate and charity events.

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