In a world where media is increasingly fragmented, brands need to market themselves in a way that drives conversations. Experiential events drive these conversations and allow you to speak to your consumers through something they love, feel and emotionally engage with.

Xylobands and other Xylo products take events to a new level by generating an electric atmosphere at any size venue. They guarantee an enhanced experience for your consumers and your fans and place your brand centre stage alongside your act or show.

Xylobands™ are LED wristbands that are a fun and original marketing tool for expressing your corporate message and logo at corporate events or product launches. They can also be used within other products such as lanyards, which are ideal for conferences, or drinks glasses for product launches.  All of our products can also be RFID enabled to enhance your corporate event, integrate social media and harness invaluable data.


“They flash along with the music, looking increasingly like groovy bioluminescent plankton as the evening grows darker”

The Guardian March 23, 2016

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